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Most low-cost monitors are pretty basic and cut corners in one or more places but the Acer ED242QR is more fully-featured than most.

The Q Series is aimed at simplifying the buying process for Samsung devotees, providing a mirrored naming scheme that makes it simple to match the right bar to your shiny new TV.

JBL’s portfolio currently stretches from pocket-money Bluetooth speakers right up to cutting-edge, no-expense-spared studio monitors but all of its products have one thing in common: they’re born of an ethos that places science and research at the heart of every product.

The Bose Soundbar 700 is an all-in-one soundbar that also functions as a smart speaker. On setting it up you can choose whether to activate Alexa or the Google Assistant, after which it’ll listen for your commands and respond just like a regular Echo or Google Home device.

Hisense and Roku have been collaborating on televisions for a while now, but only overseas. Enter the Hisense B7120 Roku TV, the first Hisense-Roku effort to land on UK shores.

If you are a lover of good quality audio and you are very attentive to how your music, media and games sound then you are in the market for the best headphones out there.

Roku has a reputation for making excellent TV streamers with a peerless library of apps, albeit at a higher cost than rivals from Google and Amazon.

Media streamers come in all shapes and sizes these days but few live up to the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro's capabilities.

In 2020 Freeview Play is very popular, coming pre-installed on TVs from LG, Panasonic, Philips and Toshiba, amongst others, and on affordable set-top-boxes from Humax, Panasonic and Manhattan. Back in 2018, though, things weren’t so great for Freeview Play.

 Zoom has become a very popular and important part of remote working amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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